Crazy Months in a nutshell

Lets start with where I left off. October.
Halloween was fun, carving pumpkins with friends was fun, and being in perfect weather was fun! This is my holiday table that I change with the seasons!

Barbie and Ken (super last minute choice)

Me and Kels and our families carvin some pumpkins and trying to make pumpkin seeds.

My holiday table that changes with the seasons!

October and November were BIG months for choreography for me! I was all over the place teaching, but I had so much fun doing the choreography and directing for "Joseph" at Mesa High. I had never worked with such amazing kids with big hearts and hungry minds! They became my great friends during the show and we ended up taking it to STATE and performing at the Mesa Arts Center. It was larger than life and I still call up these kids today and invite them to do random performances with me and they take my classes! What a Great experience!
December was a great time of year! My brother Kirk and his family came into town and we really had so much fun! I was slightly depressed when they left and our family shindig marathon ended.

My holiday table during Christmas (bad picture)

We went paintballing on Christmas Eve. it was fun, minus the part where I got shot in the head and was unconcious for 10 seconds. Good thing I had a helmet on. That's what you get when your 8 year old nephew shoots you from 10 feet away and has a good shot!
 Michael on Christmas Morning...

Me on Christmas Morning....

We had Christmas at Brock's this time. We had a big potluck, did a funny T-shirt exchange, and watched out family music videos. Yes, each family had to make a music video to show on Christmas Night. Cried to tears for some of them. I would post our family video, but Michael would kill me so I will let you sit and wonder what it was! hahaha! It was a great Christmas!

For New Years Eve, Shalene really wanted to get dressed up glam style so we all dressed up and went to dinner. We wanted to easily decide on a new place to go so we all put 3 choices into a hat and whatever was pulled out is where we had to go. Chili's. wow. nuff said.
We ended the night with cider and fireworks at my Brother's house. We had a good time and welcomed 2011.

I put on a Winter Intensive at Mesa High and it was awesome! These were some of the dancers that participated. It was so much fun and I will definitely be doing one in the summer and in the winter. I had a variety of teachers and we gave out prizes at the end. It makes me know that I love what I do. I love teaching and encouraging and motivating others!

2011 and the work situation
This year so far has been crazy. I've been working at Premiere Performing Arts Academy since summer 2010 and I've loved it. 2011 brought on some complicated situations. The owner of Premiere went through some personal and physical issues and was to ill to continue owning the business. It's quite a sad story actually. Then at the climax of the situation, we were going to Disneyland to perform, but 5 days before were notified we couldn't be at the facility anymore. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a persistent person and I make things work, no matter the situation, or at least I try to. I called around and found a place to hold classes. Turns out we can almost replicate our schedule and keep rehearsing for all of the performances and shows we had lined up! All the teachers were on board so we are carrying on, just as individuals, not as Premiere staff :)

I've always dreamed of opening my own Performing Arts Academy. After this experience I feel so blessed that I have people around to support me, follow me, and that like learning from me. It's the best feeling. I am super grateful for knowing that sometimes crummy situations bring the best outcomes and lessons learned! You can get info on my classes HERE and I'll post any progress that is made in the "dream" department.

I love this guy.
He supports me in all my 1 million ventures that am a part of.
He is so helpful.
He is so happy.
He is successful.
Michael can now sell Health and Life Insurance. PLEASE call him today if you want to check out your current situation and see if you can save or if you need insurance!
Click the Safe Street button on my side bar.

Michael and I put on these picks Concerts. They are awesome! We auditions singers/musicians, set up sound and lights, give kids performing opportunities, then take down and do it again the next month.
Keep Your eye out for the March Picks Concert!

My dance company and my Glee group performed at Disneyland this week! It was awesome. We got so many compliments on our show like...
"Your kids are so well behaved and hungry to learn"
"We love that you are doing current, contemporary dancing"
"Your show was actually entertaining and not same ol same ol"

I love what I do!! Pictures and Videos to come!


Tiffany said...

Bout time for an update! Glad to see you two are still alive and staying busy!

west coast girl said...

so i haven't been on your blog in a while and i love love the updates... i love your family- you crack me up, and i am so glad to ehar of all the great things you have going for you- i hope you do get to open your own academy. cause you would be brilliant!! miss you!

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