Am I really blogging right now?

I am envious of the people that have time to regularly blog and document the things that go on in their life. I think it's such a good way to journal and keep a visual/digital record of the things happening in your life. Face book is kind of my daily blurb record, mostly because it's easier and faster.

This past year has been INSANE and I've loved every second of it. It's funny how different situations, good and bad, lead you to where you are today. I think this past year has been one of my favorites to date. The people I have met/reconnected with, the career moves I have made, the vacations I have taken, and the fun times that my family and I have had as we've grown really close to each other!

Starting my own business (FUSE Performing Arts Center) has been more than just a decision. It has allowed me develop awesome relationships, start and share new hobbies, get people to try new things, give kids opportunities, give adults opportunities, and lastly allowed me to exercise my passion in a positive, chill, energetic atmosphere!

This is Friday Night Ballroom class. Perfect date night! Come join us!
Michael (my you wont get me to dance husband) LIKES to dance now. Ya..... Weird, I know! We started ballroom lessons every Friday at my studio, FUSE Performing Arts. Once you get past the stage of arguing and messing up, and you just learn TOGETHER, you get down a handful of moves and you can actually dance with each other and ENJOY it. My whole family has started coming and we all have fun dancing and then go out afterward. It;s been fun to share this new hobby and hang out, because honestly my siblings and parents are my best friends and I'd rather be with them than anybody :)

Michael has also found a new Passion! Working out! Ya, don't we wish we all this passion and hobby. He has really found something he likes and is dedicated to. It's called Team[FIT] bootcamps. After a few months of hardcore working out he realized that he's going to need to eat right eventually if he's gonna REALLY change his body. So since he is scared to eat vegetables and some meat, he drinks protein shakes and JUICES. He's so into it, it makes me laugh!!! But he feels so much better and has more energy than ever having all those nutrients in his body for the first time in his life! The documentary "Fat, Sick, and Dying" is what got him motivated to juice. Now we juice every morning.

I am also now the Nutritionist for the Team[FIT] organization. I teach group nutrition classes every other Saturday and see members one on one to help them get super healthy and closer to their fitness goals! I've found so much joy in helping people realize that they can eat real food and feel better. When you help someone change their life it's an awesome feeling. I'm do glad I chose that career path in college :) My dear friend Peggy Moffat is now helping me produce my very own cook book!

I decided I am addicted to vacation. When I worked for other people whether it be at an office or other dance studios, I always had to work on Saturdays. I felt like it took away from time with Michael and I also felt like I could never get away. Saturdays are now my favorite days because I get to experience them!!!
That being said, I find myself going out of town quite often lately! Check it out:
June: Girls Camp
September: UTAH
October: To be decided :)
Michael surfed with Laron while Rachel and I laid on the beach.

Thank you Rachel and Laron for showing us a good time in California, letting us stay with you, and hangin out!
Michael is obsessed with Umami Burger!

We went to Disneyland/CA Adventure. We were kids again. It's was a good time :)

I love this part of the park. All 40's hollywood and stuff :)
This was a parade or something. Obviously no one liked it as much as me!

Oh Gee Wiz!!!! So excited to be at the happiest place on Earth.
Then we met up with these crazy people! Run Max Run !!! haha

Jim and Shalene didn't have as much fun with the Kiddos as anticipated, but it was fun to see Max freak out and Molly get excited at everything!

Our last day in Cali, we went to the beach and met up with more family!

Fox and Kim
Is this not the cutest picture ever!

Oh and we saw World of Color, and it was amazing! Light + Color + Water = Amazing and chills down my body.

Mommy and Molly. So cute :)

We always take this self portrait in Michael's truck on our way to whatever we are doing. This was on the way to Salsa on Friday

Michael turned 27 this month and he was really excited to get this card from my parents. hahah!

My mom and I went to New York to visit my awesome brother, Kirk. We both needed root canals and there's no better excuse than that to fly to New York right??? We had a really good time and always love seeing my brother and his adorable family. Love you guys! Can you tell we were sad to leave!?!

Describes the part of our trip when we weren't "under the microscope" SO FUN!
I turned 25 in August. I feel like I have officially graduated from being a young 20er. I still feel 17 though. Many people think I am 17 when they see me. Is it because I am not afraid to be immature at moments or is the way I dress? Or maybe it's cause I don't have babies... My journey to become a mom hasn't come so easy to me. I am not the fertile Mertle that my mom and sister are. It's been a stressful thing to deal with, but I've taken some new steps to help me along in this process and maybe by the time I post next I will have a different type of update. Cross your fingers :)
Thanks for my birthday cake MOM, it was awesome! I had to use my new camera to capture it's deliciousness!


Crazy Months in a nutshell

Lets start with where I left off. October.
Halloween was fun, carving pumpkins with friends was fun, and being in perfect weather was fun! This is my holiday table that I change with the seasons!

Barbie and Ken (super last minute choice)

Me and Kels and our families carvin some pumpkins and trying to make pumpkin seeds.

My holiday table that changes with the seasons!

October and November were BIG months for choreography for me! I was all over the place teaching, but I had so much fun doing the choreography and directing for "Joseph" at Mesa High. I had never worked with such amazing kids with big hearts and hungry minds! They became my great friends during the show and we ended up taking it to STATE and performing at the Mesa Arts Center. It was larger than life and I still call up these kids today and invite them to do random performances with me and they take my classes! What a Great experience!
December was a great time of year! My brother Kirk and his family came into town and we really had so much fun! I was slightly depressed when they left and our family shindig marathon ended.

My holiday table during Christmas (bad picture)

We went paintballing on Christmas Eve. it was fun, minus the part where I got shot in the head and was unconcious for 10 seconds. Good thing I had a helmet on. That's what you get when your 8 year old nephew shoots you from 10 feet away and has a good shot!
 Michael on Christmas Morning...

Me on Christmas Morning....

We had Christmas at Brock's this time. We had a big potluck, did a funny T-shirt exchange, and watched out family music videos. Yes, each family had to make a music video to show on Christmas Night. Cried to tears for some of them. I would post our family video, but Michael would kill me so I will let you sit and wonder what it was! hahaha! It was a great Christmas!

For New Years Eve, Shalene really wanted to get dressed up glam style so we all dressed up and went to dinner. We wanted to easily decide on a new place to go so we all put 3 choices into a hat and whatever was pulled out is where we had to go. Chili's. wow. nuff said.
We ended the night with cider and fireworks at my Brother's house. We had a good time and welcomed 2011.

I put on a Winter Intensive at Mesa High and it was awesome! These were some of the dancers that participated. It was so much fun and I will definitely be doing one in the summer and in the winter. I had a variety of teachers and we gave out prizes at the end. It makes me know that I love what I do. I love teaching and encouraging and motivating others!

2011 and the work situation
This year so far has been crazy. I've been working at Premiere Performing Arts Academy since summer 2010 and I've loved it. 2011 brought on some complicated situations. The owner of Premiere went through some personal and physical issues and was to ill to continue owning the business. It's quite a sad story actually. Then at the climax of the situation, we were going to Disneyland to perform, but 5 days before were notified we couldn't be at the facility anymore. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a persistent person and I make things work, no matter the situation, or at least I try to. I called around and found a place to hold classes. Turns out we can almost replicate our schedule and keep rehearsing for all of the performances and shows we had lined up! All the teachers were on board so we are carrying on, just as individuals, not as Premiere staff :)

I've always dreamed of opening my own Performing Arts Academy. After this experience I feel so blessed that I have people around to support me, follow me, and that like learning from me. It's the best feeling. I am super grateful for knowing that sometimes crummy situations bring the best outcomes and lessons learned! You can get info on my classes HERE and I'll post any progress that is made in the "dream" department.

I love this guy.
He supports me in all my 1 million ventures that am a part of.
He is so helpful.
He is so happy.
He is successful.
Michael can now sell Health and Life Insurance. PLEASE call him today if you want to check out your current situation and see if you can save or if you need insurance!
Click the Safe Street button on my side bar.

Michael and I put on these picks Concerts. They are awesome! We auditions singers/musicians, set up sound and lights, give kids performing opportunities, then take down and do it again the next month.
Keep Your eye out for the March Picks Concert!

My dance company and my Glee group performed at Disneyland this week! It was awesome. We got so many compliments on our show like...
"Your kids are so well behaved and hungry to learn"
"We love that you are doing current, contemporary dancing"
"Your show was actually entertaining and not same ol same ol"

I love what I do!! Pictures and Videos to come!


My life the past month... wo

October has been a CRAZY month for me. Choreography/Dance wise. Skyline's HUGE Homecoming Production, Mesquite Dance Company's contemporary routine, and Mesa High's jazz concert routine. I can't forget teaching at Premiere Perf. Arts, and directing the performing group "Funky Town."


Most of my energy, creativity, and time went into doing ALL of the choreography for the musical at Mesa High. So much work has gone into these amazing kids who I am so in love with, and into this show to make it awesome. It has been a blast and now it's here, the show, this week!!!!!!! You don't want to miss it. It is fun, entertaining, emotional, impressive, and most importantly it's "worth the money!"

See you there!


Get in the Spirit of the Holiday!

Calli, Michael, Brock, Shalene, and Kirk wish you Happy Halloween!
Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!


"Prosper In the Land"

Throughout my life I have always tried to make the right decision and follow the example of my mother, because she might be the most honorable woman I know, closest to perfect I think. In high school when my friends would make bad choices or when I was struggling with teenage "stuff" my mom would always reassure me that my attempt to always make the right choices would pay off. She'd quote the scriptures...

"If ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land"

She noticed that I had a great jobs in high school, like teaching dance and dancing for an entertainment company, where I was paid quite well for only being in high school. I have always associated choosing the right=being the recipient of many opportunities. There was a period of my life when I felt I was genuinely trying my best to do the right things, but I wasn't necessarily happy. When this happens you get tempted to let that negative vibe take over. Maybe I had a few hiccups but I really feel as though I am being super blessed in my life right now. So many opportunities are arising and so many doors are opening right in front of me. So if you are in a "confused funk" just know that as long as you are consistently trying to choose the right and be a good person, you will "prosper in the land." And when you do, you'll feel God's hand in it!

Mesa High's Fall Musical

This is such an awesome opportunity! I am the choreographer for this awesome show! I am working with Sandy Stones, who I have come to totally love. She is such a fun person to work with. These kids are just some of the cutest, sweetest, nicest, most energized kids I've ever worked with. November 5-9th is when the show will be going on at Mesa High. DO NOT MISS IT! 
Side Note: If every biblical story was made into a musical/dancicle, I would be a bible genius! 

More High School Opportunities

 Not quite sure, but my life seems to keep pulling me toward the high school scene. Not only do I serve in the Young Womens, but I also just obtained my substitute certificate to help out my dearest friend Kristen Little, who is the Dance Director at Mesa High. I will be subbing often for her and all the other high schools (I guess Jr, high and elementary if I wanted, but...... No).
I would love to sub a home economics class or a cooking class, that would be so fun!!

I took a small break from all of my nutrition projects over the summer, but I am back in business. I have a couple clients right now and I am trying to get my once a month group class up and running.
My ward's RS asked me to give a little Nutrition class for a mother/daughter enrichment night. I am excited to help people realize that eating REAL food can actually heal the body and bring it back to the healthy state it was intended to operate in :)

YES: This is Lauren, ALL-STAR, from So You Think You Can Dance
We had a BLAST at our Grand Opening with her. She loved Premiere and wants to join our team. I have LOVED watching this girl dance on the show since a few years ago when she was on it. She is an amazing dancer so it was fun to dance next to her in class! Michael and I have made so many new great friends just from me working at this new place. Feels like home :)
I truly feel blessed with all of the positive opportunities in my life right now. Look forward to reading about Our new niece MOLLY, family birthdays, and more vacation series. I just had this "prosper in the land" thought in my mind all day today so I had to share :)


Vacation Series Part 1

How I love you
And I dream of you often
Wishing I was there enjoying all of your beauty
With my favorite people, my family.

I began making collages of the things we did/saw, but there were just too many pictures so enjoy the fraction of awesomeness that I have provided (click to enlarge).

BOSTON (the good and the bad...)







Oh the Changes in Life

Man, summer was amazing. I loved being with my family, catching up with friends, and having time to do all those little things that you normally don't have time to do during the school year. 
is a funny thing.
This past week has been full of change. 
 That is what I have learned.
"You can only be in one room at a time. But, if you are in a hallway, you have access to many doors!"
That is how life is right now. I left one room and now there are doors opening left and right.
I am now working at Premiere Performing Arts Academy where I teach hip hop and will now be doing choreography for a STOMP! production and some for the dance company, PULSE!
It is such an amazingly positive place ran and taught by awesome people.

I've been slowly trying to start an adult/alumni weekly variety class for years now, and finally thanks to Face Book, it is so successful. I do this because I know there are A TON of adults out there with nowhere to dance. I organize it and teach it, but I also bring in guest teachers to teach different and unique styles. It is so fun! It's held at Mesa High and some of the money that comes in gets donated to the Mesa High Dance fund. 

I turned 24 yesterday!
I got a card from my wonderful in-laws and I loved what it said.

"Don't think of this as another birthday... Think of it as the anniversary of the day the world was graced with your presence!"

Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday! It never really felt like my birthday, but I felt so much love from all the people in my life. It really lifted my spirits and ended up being a great day.
Texas Road House contributed to my night!!!
My family...