"Prosper In the Land"

Throughout my life I have always tried to make the right decision and follow the example of my mother, because she might be the most honorable woman I know, closest to perfect I think. In high school when my friends would make bad choices or when I was struggling with teenage "stuff" my mom would always reassure me that my attempt to always make the right choices would pay off. She'd quote the scriptures...

"If ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land"

She noticed that I had a great jobs in high school, like teaching dance and dancing for an entertainment company, where I was paid quite well for only being in high school. I have always associated choosing the right=being the recipient of many opportunities. There was a period of my life when I felt I was genuinely trying my best to do the right things, but I wasn't necessarily happy. When this happens you get tempted to let that negative vibe take over. Maybe I had a few hiccups but I really feel as though I am being super blessed in my life right now. So many opportunities are arising and so many doors are opening right in front of me. So if you are in a "confused funk" just know that as long as you are consistently trying to choose the right and be a good person, you will "prosper in the land." And when you do, you'll feel God's hand in it!

Mesa High's Fall Musical

This is such an awesome opportunity! I am the choreographer for this awesome show! I am working with Sandy Stones, who I have come to totally love. She is such a fun person to work with. These kids are just some of the cutest, sweetest, nicest, most energized kids I've ever worked with. November 5-9th is when the show will be going on at Mesa High. DO NOT MISS IT! 
Side Note: If every biblical story was made into a musical/dancicle, I would be a bible genius! 

More High School Opportunities

 Not quite sure, but my life seems to keep pulling me toward the high school scene. Not only do I serve in the Young Womens, but I also just obtained my substitute certificate to help out my dearest friend Kristen Little, who is the Dance Director at Mesa High. I will be subbing often for her and all the other high schools (I guess Jr, high and elementary if I wanted, but...... No).
I would love to sub a home economics class or a cooking class, that would be so fun!!

I took a small break from all of my nutrition projects over the summer, but I am back in business. I have a couple clients right now and I am trying to get my once a month group class up and running.
My ward's RS asked me to give a little Nutrition class for a mother/daughter enrichment night. I am excited to help people realize that eating REAL food can actually heal the body and bring it back to the healthy state it was intended to operate in :)

YES: This is Lauren, ALL-STAR, from So You Think You Can Dance
We had a BLAST at our Grand Opening with her. She loved Premiere and wants to join our team. I have LOVED watching this girl dance on the show since a few years ago when she was on it. She is an amazing dancer so it was fun to dance next to her in class! Michael and I have made so many new great friends just from me working at this new place. Feels like home :)
I truly feel blessed with all of the positive opportunities in my life right now. Look forward to reading about Our new niece MOLLY, family birthdays, and more vacation series. I just had this "prosper in the land" thought in my mind all day today so I had to share :)


meg said...

thanks, calli. :) i needed this. how freakin fun that you will be doing the choreography for mesa high, and what the what you met lauren?!! she was my fav! miss you guys - hope you get to come play soon.

Laura Millett said...

Love working with you... Congrats on all the exciting stuff in your life! you are so talented!

Candice and Steve said...

That was really sweet! And you're awesome....I'm privileged to be your mom.

Shelli said...

Hi, Calli! So fun to read about your exciting adventures and opportunities! That's awesome! What a great thing to say about the things you learned from your mom, and what great insight about choices and prospering. Love it.

Kamao Poot said...

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